Circle Seven Gun Dogs
1575 Road 31

Elk City, KS 67344

This is a new endeavor for us.  We truly believe that the Labrador Retriever is the best, most versatile dogs you can get, and thus makes a great fit for just about any job.  Obviously our focus over the last ten plus years has been breeding awesome working retrievers.  We have, however, seen our pups become wonderful pets and companions in about every situation from southern California to coastal South Carolina,  Great Falls, Montana to Corpus Christi, Texas, and just about everywhere in between.  Finally, we just sent our first puppy to start its training as a seizure therapy dog, and we'd love to see more of our future pups make their way to the service fields, including therapy dogs, as well as in law enforcement and the military.  If you are interested in finding your service companion at Circle Seven Gun Dogs you can contact us for more information.  Thanks!

Circle Sev​en Gun Dogs