Circle Seven Gun Dogs

1575 Road 31

Elk City, KS 67344




Fly is the current queen of our kennel.  Sired by AFC HR Coolwater's Ready To Go, Fly has great bloodlines.  She has retrieved plenty of ducks, and has even spent a year retrieving pheasants on guided hunts.  Fly has produced several litters of incredible retrievers. She is CERF Clear and OFA Good.


Kate is the youngest of our three girls, but has already produced a fine litter of great retrieving dogs.  Sired by HRCH Grand River's Harbor Pilot MH, Kate, like all of our dogs, has a super pedigree.  She has an incredible desire to retrieve, but she also loves to just hang out with us in the yard while we're doing chores.  Kate is CERF Clear and OFA Good.

Circle Sev​en Gun Dogs


It all started with Missy.  She was our first lab, and she's the foundation of the bloodlines we've been working on for the last 13 years.  Missy has now passed on, and although we still miss her daily, her offspring still roam our grounds and hunt with us, and she carries on through them.


Grace is a sweet little dog who has had an attachment with our family from the time she could walk.  Grace is out of our girl Fly and our former stud, Radar, and has very nice bloodlines.  She's a nice retriever and super family dog, and we're looking forward to some great puppies from her.  Grace is CERF Clear and OFA Good.