Circle Seven Gun Dogs

1575 Road 31

Elk City, KS 67344



"Bella is doing very well both in the field and with the family. She is very calm and loving with the kids, but has the ability to turn it on and be aggressive in the field. She has been doing very great on upland, in the water, and in the goose fields. Just a good all around gun dog!!" ~ Shawn Kimberly

"Just letting you know how Ally's training is going. She is hands down the smartest pup I've ever trained. She is almost 15 weeks old and is moving along fast. Obedience (here,heel,sit) voice and whistle commands are down to a T. She has been introduced to real wings, freshly killed ducks, and live pigeons and responded perfect to all of them. Also been introduced to gunfire and has absolutely no fear and responds well. Anyone who is around her can clearly see what she was bred to do. Also has an UNBELIEVABLE drive to retrieve."  ~ John Robb, Fowling Around Outdoors

"Gunner is doing great. He is really smart and loves to please. Great nose. He is really picking things up fast! Very birdy. He is a great pet as well." ~ Chris Stanfield

Circle Sev​en Gun Dogs

"My name is Justin from {Missouri}. This is the pup I got from you last November. Just wanted to say he is has been the easiest dog to train I have ever had. Very very smart. Sometimes I think he knows some stuff before I even teach it to him. I had him running blind retrieves at 11 months old. Thanks for a great dog at a fair price. Will be looking you up when it is time to retire him.​"                 ~ Justin Morris